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24 Jun 20242:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Quality & Diversity in Short form Children’s Media

Kelvin Hall

Quality & Diversity in Short form Children’s Media, A ‘Prix Jeunesse Suitcase’ Event

2.00–5:00pm, 24 June 2024
Kelvin Hall Lecture Theatre, 1445 Argyle Street, G3 8AW

A rare opportunity to view and debate a selection of the best international children’s media today, as presented at the world-leading Prix Jeunesse International Festival 2024. Expect diverse and original children’s content drawn from a variety of cultural contexts. Taking as its focus questions of quality and diversity, this specially curated event will bring together media professionals, educators and researchers for a valuable insight into contemporary programming of short-form content for children and young people.

The Prix Jeunesse Foundation is an international body promoting excellence in children’s televisual content, which hosts a world-leading biennial free festival with entrants and participants attending from all over the globe. The festival’s creative and challenging atmosphere is carried worldwide through its Prix Jeunesse Suitcase events, featuring the best and most innovative entries from each festival, and allowing children’s content producers and stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the material. It is hoped that suitcase events are accompanied by school-based workshops with the children and youth audience to ensure that the voice of the child remains part of the critical evaluation of content aimed at children.

This event has been organised by Lynn Whitaker, member of the Collaborations & Cultural Activity Committee.