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09 Oct 20185:15 pm – 8:00 pm

‘New National and International Borders in a Global Era’

University of Glasgow Concert Hall

Inclusive/ Exclusive Launch Event

Guest Lecture, followed by wine reception:
Dr. Manlio Graziano, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) ‘New National and International Borders in a Global Era’

Abstract: The fall of the Berlin Wall was hailed by a unanimous (and partly hypocritical) chorus of enthusiasts praising the beginning of the end of all walls and barriers separating individuals and peoples. Since then, for every mile of dismantled wall, 172 km of new borders have been built in Europe. The end of the cold war was supposed to bring an era of peace and prosperity; on the contrary, it opened an era of new international disorder, which has led to more wars, more walls, and a more disunited world. It has also accelerated the shift of power from the old industrialized countries to the “emerging” countries: the countries that used to dominate the world have witnessed the emergence of an increasing number of new international competitors for the last forty years. For growing sectors of the population of “developed countries”, this geopolitical shift of power translates into uncertainty and fear; not really because their living standard worsens, but because they feel, they fear and they know that they can lose part of the privileges they accumulated in the past. Their desire to protect their well-being translates into a demand for more protection, i.e., for more walls and thicker borders..