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18 Jul 20246:00 pm – 8:00 pm

“A History of Fortune Cookies” X “Strokes of Identity” with Sean Wai Keung and Jing Ye

Civic House

“A History of Fortune Cookies” X “Strokes of Identity”: Sean Wai Keung and Jing Ye in Performance and Conversation

6:00pm–8:00pm, 18 July 2024
Civic House, 26 Civic Street, Glasgow G4 9RH

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Join Sean Wai Keung and Jing Ye in Performance and Conversation for a double-bill of workshops exploring Hong Kong and Chinese diasporic culture. You’ll get the chance to experience both workshops, followed by a panel discussion.

A History of Fortune Cookies” by Sean Wai Keung: An intimate shortform performance taking place at Summerhall this year during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with support from The Autopsy Award and Feral Arts. ‘A History of Fortune Cookies’ is about un-belonging, inauthenticity and mixed-ness, from performance-maker Sean Wai Keung.

Strokes of Identity: Creating Cultural Names with Calligraphy” by Jing Ye: Embark on a captivating journey of cultural exploration with Jing Ye, a Chinese artist in Edinburgh, as she shares her poetry on navigating Chinese and Western identities. Delve into the significance of names and language in sharpening personal and cultural identity, and discover the nuances of cultural blending in a dynamic performance. As an audience member, you’ll have the unique opportunity to create your own authentic Chinese name using carefully selected characters with meaningful definitions, fostering a deeper connection to Chinese culture. Experience a performance that invites reflection, dialogue, and emotional resonance, leaving with a newfound appreciation for cultural diversity and understanding.

This event has been curated by Taylor Song, Collaborations & Cultural Activities Committee.